SELF-OBIT: By Mohi Narayan

Mohi Narayan, a 25-year-old writer died after suffering a brain hemorrhage at her quaint little home in a remote village of Maharashtra, a tweet by her fiancé confirmed on Wednesday.

An escapist by nature, Mohi had escaped to a village by the Arabian Sea to find solace from her newly found rare disease.

“She was quite disturbed in the last couple of months,” her mother said. “She didn’t know how to deal with all the medication she was taking.”

While this “rare disease” had become a large part of Mohi’s personality in her last days, it was not all that constituted this young damsel. She was a swimmer and wanted to learn to play tennis.

“She was very ambitious…was going to take a swimming test for winter Olympics,” fiancé Alok Kumar said. “We would always laugh at the idea…was always hard to predict what she would do next,” Kumar added showing her paintings which adorned her bedroom walls.

When Mohi packed her bags for Kashid, she told her parents that she wanted to rest for some time in the lap of nature.

“She was convinced that she will only find peace in the sea,” Mohi’s father said. “We just hope she found her peace.”

Friends share stories of her passion for writing.

“She was passionate about everything,” a close friend shared. “She had a bit of extreme and annoying enthusiasm for everything,” he said recollecting their college days.

“She had always been known for not following what-ought-to-be followed, so probably, I am not surprised that she left us at such a young age,” he added.death5.jpg


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