SELF-OBIT: By Anuja Jaiman

Anuja – or Jammy as most people know her – was born in the hills but spent a substantial amount of her plugged-in time in Delhi.

As she writes about herself in the third person, oddly enough, she feels a dark feeling descend upon her. She drifts off, like she often did throughout her active existence, into the realm of mystery that shrouded the Joker – Heath Ledger – and his death.

Does setting out to write mean setting into effect a series of events that may lead to death? Unnerving. What if you, who are reading this, set into effect someone else’s or your own death? What if? That is a lot of responsibility.

She begins to draw herself away from the thought moving the thread onto a different course. She loved. And like how. Unfathomable, Shah Rukh Khan-spread-arms-holding-back-his-tears-gut-wrenching level love. Louve. And then, in the 46 degrees of the city she loved to hate, and hated to love, she sizzled. And poof!death7


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