SELF-OBIT: By Ramasaamy Sudarshan

The death of Sudarshan Varadhan (1990-2090) came as a shock to his fans all over planet Ambrose and planet Earth. Still as dashing and youthful as he was when was 25, Sudarshan died while rushing to save his friends in an obscure neighboring city which had become uninhabitable due to oxygen levels sinking to under 5 percent. His death puts the lives of 531 human beings remaining on earth at risk, as he was the only one with expertise in both rescue operations and space travel.

Sudarshan was famous for having the only known stock of gasoline – a fuel used to power automobiles about 50 years ago. The veteran energy reporter is said to have sped away on his antique gasoline-fueled motorbike in a last ditch attempt to save his friends, who ironically were facing breathing issues due to the use of such automobiles by irresponsible human beings in the first half of this century.

Following South Pundia’s secession in 2025 and the end of Ranskrutized Findi language-dominated Paarpaniya Pundian rule, Sudarshan worked with like-minded, diverse and egalitarian forces from his newly formed country to fight climate change. In 2028, after the death of Parpaaniyam, he threw a party for his friends and colleagues, where all of them vowed to fight climate change and save planet Earth. All of them tried hard, but failed, as it was already too late.

However, their efforts to raise awareness have ensured that the mistakes made on earth are not repeated on Planet Ambrose.

Sudarshan will be fondly remembered as an amazing friend and a terrible enemy to have.death1.jpg


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