By Anuja Jaiman

akhangalSince we are talking to famous people who have passed on to the other side, I decided to lift the curtains and call out to A K Hangal. If you do not know who he is – fie upon your existence. (But seriously?)

Itna sannata kyun hai bhai?

Hello from the other side

Cough, cough… cough. Beta, tum mujhse milne aayi ho? Jab zinda tha tab kyun nahin aayin?

Socha to bahut baar, chachajaan, but I think I got lazy. Was never cut out to be a reporter anyway. Sigh! Khair aap bataiyye, kaise hain? How is the other side treating you? Your going away was a big loss for a wide span of generations.

Cough, cough, cough, cough … cough. Izzat ki maut zillat ki zindagi se kahin achchi hai

Daddu tum, will you only talk in dialogue? You may be happy to know we still repeat these lines in various situations.

Isse pehle wala film ka dialogue nahin tha. Beta, pyaar, khansi aur khushi, chupaye se chupte hai kya?

Aap bhi, bas. Still iconic. I was always such a fan. Khansi reminds me … There’s another AK around. Nowhere close to you, sir, but he tries to imitate your cough. In real life. I feel for his colleagues and family. But what is one gonna do? Delhi air is too poisonous. Aapke time ki to baat alag thi, Hangalji.

That’s okay. Masle hal hote hai pyar se, vishwaas se, aman se. Chalo, good to know, us AK ke bahaane is budhau ko bhi koi yaad kar leta hai. Yehi to hamaare jeevan ki vidambana hai, baatein bhool jaati hain, yaadein yaad aati hain (*walks away towards that endless curtain beyond which the dead go to live*)

But ye toh aapki line nahin hai… This is from Subhash Ghai’s blockbuster movie “Coke”.

(*He waves as if to tell me to leave, turns to look towards me, smiles.*)

Alvida, ek baar phir, Rahim chacha.


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