Aaron Burden

Dear Diary,

I know it’s a little late to greet you at this hour of the night, when you are deep in slumber dreaming about all those places you want to go to when you grow up – but it was kind of urgent.

You might not know it but I am turning ten tomorrow – as a matter of fact – in only few minutes I will be a big boy, at least that’s what Mom says.

What am I doing standing on the roof? I am counting stars. There are so many in the sky tonight. Our science teacher Ms. Chandra says they all are different and even have names, but they all look the same to me.

That one there, right above the banyan tree and near that electric pole and also the one behind fat-Amy’s house, they all are just the same — bright and distant.

But Mom says I am a different star. I am brighter among them all. She says she can find me even if I try to hide there. I know she will.

I love Mom, and Dad, and us. But I heard them arguing today. Dad said he wants to quit. I wonder what he wants to quit from because he didn’t turn up for my sports day.

Mom says he is just tired. But all he does is watch TV. I thought TV is fun. And staying back at home was more fun. I will be happy being ‘dad-tired’ and won’t be a grumpy-old pa.

Anyway, Dad wants to send me away somewhere far. On my birthday? Yes, he does. Mom promised that she will come and get me real soon, but I don’t want to go.

I think of escaping to the stars. Grandpa says the only way to reach them is by going after the sky. So, I am gonna go there tonight. I will try and jump higher and higher till I reach them and hide among the clouds.

Mom will come looking for me and find me. I know she will.


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