CHILD’S PERSPECTIVE: By Sudarshan Varadhan

Hello Shane Warne,

Shane Warne February 2015I am a leg spinner like you, but I play with the tennis ball. I’ve not held a cricket ball in life, but I think it spins more.

I play in my backyard, and like you, I get all my wickets bowling batsmen around the legs. But of late, that’s not working. I bowl a lot of wides, especially when we play after it rains.

Ari anna is very difficult to get out. I spoke to dad about it and he told me to pitch on the middle stump. I don’t know how that will get people out. I learnt to bowl the googly, but I don’t know how to bowl the flipper. My dad told me you can do that only with the cricket ball.

Another thing I don’t understand is how batsmen score boundaries behind point. I am not able to place the ball there unless I edge it. And oh, the leg spinner is not turning as much after I learnt the googly. Last week, I tried fast bowling. I got two hat-tricks in one game. I am the fastest, but Nanda anna and Ari anna bowl faster than me. I don’t know how. I think I will bowl fast from now.

Chechu stole two rubber balls from me, I know he has it, but he is not admitting. Two balls are in that hunter’s house, she shouts at me every time I go there to ask for it. One is in the bushes at Vijay Anna’s house.

I saw “The Ten Commandments” on Jak TV on Sunday, and I tried saying Moses’ name and splitting the bushes like Moses splits the sea. Balaji found the balls in the bushes two times last week that way, but I couldn’t. Uncle got me a cork ball, but I hit Siluku in the opposite house while practising. She yelled at me and took it away.

Fast bowling is fun, but I want to know how to keep getting batsmen bowled around the legs like you do.

4th standard A section
SRMJV, Thiruvallur


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