Photographer: Mike Wilson

i play with bina in park
i angry bina broke hand of my doll
i cry
i no play with bina
bina bad girl
i go home
uncle see me run
uncle stop navina
uncle say will you eat ice cream
uncle say he has 1 full tub
i love ice cream
i say you give me chocolate chip
uncle say yes princhess
uncle say pucca
i go with nice uncle
uncle touch my head and call me princhess
what princhess mean
uncle say princhess means good baby
uncle say what is my name
uncle say how old are you
five year old
uncle say do you know twinkel twinkel lil star
i say i know many many rime
uncle say who is uncle
i say i dont know uncle name
uncle say where does uncle live
i say in building i dont know
uncle take me to uncle house in building
i say where is ice cream
uncle say 2 me nut
like maggi
uncle say yes like maggi
uncle make me sit on bed
uncle put hand on my frock
uncle put hand in my pee pee
no uncle i cry
no uncle i want go home
uncle say you want ice cream
no uncle no ice cream navina go home
uncle say navina not princhess
uncle say stop cry
uncle removes uncle pants
uncle has small stick
i cry
uncle puts small stick in my pee pee
i cry i cry i cry lot of cry
red red drops on my leg
uncle say stop cry
uncle wipe red red with hanky
uncle say navina princhess princhess never cry
uncle say will navina tell someone
i say no no no no navina go home
uncle say navina keep quiet
uncle say if tell someone
uncle say navina bad girl
uncle say no mummy daddy for bad girl
uncle say promise keep silent
i say navina promise
uncle say navina is good girl princhess
uncle opens door
i cry i run i go home


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