Khürt Williams

I am 7. I like to look at hopping squirrels a whole lot. So much. SO much! I believe I will keep one as a pet when I grow up. Hmmm … when I grow up. Up up, up like a bamboo shoot. But no one is too tall here in the family. Maybe I will shoot up. Heh! That will be fun, when I will look down from that scary height. Like Jack and the beanstalk. I like that story. I have always imagined climbing up a beanstalk and then walking through the cloud into the next world. Everyone will keep looking for me. No one will know where I went. Wheeee! That will be fun. Won’t it? And then amma will cry when I won’t be found. Eh! Who am I kidding? I have never seen amma cry. Baba surely will. He will be all weepy and miss me. And then I’ll do “Psst!” from up there. And then everyone will wonder where that came from. I think my brother will be the one to find me. He will go “Boo!” I am always scared to come down from the perches I usually climb up on. He did that once when I was so tiny. I was only five years old, you know. I climbed up a slide and then was too scared to come down. And so many kids were shouting from the ladder side. My brother climbed up, like a hero, from the shiny slide side and sat behind me and held me and we slid down together. That was super cool. I was embarrassed, but I felt safe. I have never said this to him. Maybe when I grow up, I will tell him.



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