OVERHEARD by Anuja Jaiman


[Overheard conversation at a sit-down golgappa joint in North Delhi’s Kamla Nagar]

“Pooh, I love you”


“You know, when we get married, let’s be this super fun couple … Like we’ll do all the fun stuff”

“Hmmm … What fun stuff?”

“We’ll go to Thailand. And get those massages everyone talks about”


“What hmmm?”

“Who have you been talking to?”

“You know na, Lucky, the guy who I used to date … He told me about a Thai massage once”

“You do know what these massages are like, or don’t you?”

“Um. The usual”

“No, baby. Yeah, I mean sure. The usual”

“What you sniggering for?”


“Haw! Seriously! Chhee!”


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