OVERHEARD by Tony Tharakan


When you are digging into the delicious dosas (crispy golden crepes) at Saravana Bhavan, use your elbows to mark your turf. Patrons dine at restaurant tables set as close as a few inches apart. On the plus side, keep an ear out for the most wonderful simultaneous conversations on the planet:

“… and then she had the audacity to tell me she will cook dinner the way she wants. I tell you, daughters-in-law are the reason we mothers-in-laws are getting so many heart attacks these days.”

Sallu is so dullu in ‘Tubelight’. He’s finished. Aamir Khan zindabad.”

“Why didn’t we go to the McDonalds next door? Dosas are so boring. And I don’t know why these Madrasis keep using coconut oil.”

“That foreigner, ooh! Don’t look now. He’s just behind you. OK, look. Gorgeous, isn’t he? I wonder what he’s ordering.”

“Raaaahul! Beta, listen and eat properly. Be a good boy, otherwise no X-Box for you from tomorrow.”

“I was all ready for some chicken-shicken vodka-shodka and you got me here. Why didn’t you tell me you had your vrat today?”

“Our Chennai Saravana sambhar is so much better. I’m feeling homesick. Tomorrow, we’ll go visit the Taj Mahal in Agra, and Wednesday, we’ll be back home.”

“Darling! You know how much I love south Indian food. But I love you more. Pukka! No more idlis for a year. Proof of how much I love you.”

“Do you speak English? What are those people eating? That brown pancake thingy. Yes, I want that. Yes, a dosa, I would like one of those, mate. Thank you.”

“480 rupees? I can’t see the GST breakdown here. Ah, here it is. But you’ve got to be careful. And pay cash. Some Delhi restaurant was cloning people’s credit cards. And no tips. They are already taking a service charge.”

PHOTO: By Skyb1891 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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