CELEB DIARY: Vikram Seth



(Photo credit: By Amrhelweh – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=40140142)

By Neha Dasgupta


    “I see that we pobbled in Salisbury stream 

    A Suitable Girl in a long-running dream

    I do, of course, in fits and starts

    Crimp the pages in hours of dark.

    Unaware, my agent’s distress these days

    From a far corner he pries, stammers, sways

    But he believes! He declares

    That my luminous stare 

    Into blank sheets will, some day

    Stir words from this treacherous strife 

    Turn pages, spring to life

    He knows I do not hesitate in slowing

    An unhappy editor’s forceful ploughing 

    Like I ended the penguin’s dance

    My luxuries unstained, a happy chance

    “When will you finish?” (This literary scrimmage)

    A bored mother nudges the child to spinach

    But a fattening plot feeds its growing list

    Waiting to be paid in hurt elbows, wrists

    Swollen with pride of unborn tears

    Bittersweet climax of hiccupping sneers

    But not now, not soon, not too far

    A writer mends his broken heart

    To justly conclude this gratuitous affair

    That I sometimes sulk in dry despair

    Putting words and verse ahead of reach

    Plotless, I slink, under the sheets.”


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