CELEB DIARY: Kim Jong-un


(Photo credit: By User P388388 on Wikimedia Commons – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37757238)

Dear boo,
What a lovely, lovely sunny morning! Ah, the flowers put a spring in my step. I must go out and do something good for my people today.
I’ll go to the street. Yeah, been months. When was the last time I was out in the streets? Must be a year or so. How time flies on this mighty perch!
I keep seeing pics of them shiny streets of ours all the time in the news, with happy smiling country folk, waving flags. Makes my heart flutter. Of course the photos that I nod my head to, that is. Teehee…I know news before news knows it is news! Ha!
Hmm… I am a powerful young man. My people think I am their god. They are naive. I am 2.0 ha ha!
That’s what daddy said to me when he caressed my forehead many, many years ago. Not 2.0…That is just me being uber cool. But, I still remember he had said, “Kim, my boy, don’t forget the missiletoe.”
I didn’t dad, I didn’t. I let that missile out with my pinky toe. And did you see from there how it went up all the way whooshing? The whole world saw!!!
Although, I wish dad was still around to tell me why Chloe kept bringing me under the doorway each Christmas and just looked into my eyes for so long that I wondered what she was doing. She mumbled your name each time and ran away after a few minutes of the stare game.
Dad was so fond of her. I wonder what secrets lay under the threshold. If Chloe had not been executed, I’d have figured out this one. Some secrets will always remain secrets, eh? That’s life.
That’s all for today. Be back soon after I do something quietly historic. *wink wink*.

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