Mirrors and Chains by Akanksha Singh


“Wake up! It’s time,” a voice instructed Snigdha as she lay asleep dreaming of birds and clouds.

Comfortably snuggled in a corner, Snigdha was unaware of the danger lurking around. She became more engrossed dreaming of a world she once belonged to.

Soon, reality came crashing upon her. “Where am I? What is this place?” she tried to recall with blurry eyes.

All she can see now are chains, the ones binding her to the thick brick walls. She couldn’t move. Nothing’s around but chains and walls and mirrors.

“Mirrors? That’s curious,” Snigdha thought while inspecting her appearance. Dressed like a farm girl, glowing cheeks, plump, tall, doe-eyed, but chained.

But where was she? And who are these people keeping a watch on her?

On the other side of the mirror, figures of all sorts – tall, strong, meek, square, round – flooded the room with their presence. Centuries after they took over control from their creators, humanoids now ruled the earth.


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