The War by Neha Dasgupta

clock“Look! How the mighty have fallen!” the square head on the Religious Tin vibrated with laughter. “I am the Militant Faith’s manifest locked in earth’s electro-magnetic shield and feeding the greed of the servants of Fate.”

Crouching before it, was a human form – when you think of it, far too human, far too human to be real … Time was running out.

36 days ago (300 years before)

The last sun had just set over the galaxy and the war room was hot with furious debate. Past’s Hooded Saints and Future Warriors were sparring to win The Clock.

The Earth’s energy filled the room’s centre, reflecting a gigantic triangular crest of The Clock in mid-air.

The Clock spun two microluminouseconds short of a nanominute, flashing its gaze on saints and warriors, giving a window to each to record their case in the Ledger of Old Times.

“A reset is imminent,” The Clock moved forward, its words ticking through mini radios in the gravitational lock. It now moved closer to the Past: “The Light of Reason was lost in confounding syllables, yes.”

No one before had gazed into the eyes of the Hooded Saints. It was said that great learnings and fatal nightmares rested behind those crescent moons.

The Clock now spluttered before Future.

“We have always chosen to represent the importance of the past, which is to say, the Ledger of Old Times is a manifest of everything that’s happened. The small detail, however, is that without the future, there is no past in the making. So we listen now to the Warriors of the Future.”

The brilliant pink in the face of Warrior chief was glimmering.

“We are evolving to the human being’s artificial rendering of the present. To correct this, we need to connect the tangibles of The Clock and chime at the prototype earth’s energy resting in the roots. Our agent is dying before the tin!”

“She will soon be with us but in a form unknown,” The Clock proffered and ticked back to the Past.

And with a terrifying crack of lightning, The Clock vaporized.

The Ledger has since chronicled the devastating war between the Past and Future fought on earth over the missing agent, or The Clock Maker, as she is known.


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