The ghost of my dreams

By Akanksha Singh


Standing at the crossroads, Anjali tried to find her way out, but the darkness continued to grow.

A burial ground on one side and a structure resembling a home on another. Where was she? As she tried to think, a tear trickled down her cheek.

Overwhelmed by sadness, her breathing grew shallow.

Convinced of being taken into an afterlife, all Anjali wanted was to be with her ailing mother for one last time. And, as the atmosphere grew calmer, she found herself in the company of the woman she so willingly longed for.

“Ma!” Anjali chokingly called out as her mother glided across the street and levitated a metre above the ground.

“I can’t stay and I couldn’t leave,” an eerie voice whispered in Anjali’s ears as she stood petrified watching her ‘dear ma’ turn pale.

Struck with terror, Anjali woke up from her dream. As she looked up, the familiar apparition on her mother’s funeral photo was still visible.

Anjali’s nightmare had just begun.


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